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Mastery List - Edited
A few days ago, I created a list of things I wanted to build a deep understanding and expertise on. 
It was a list of just 10 complex topics. 

And I started the first step to try and learn about them via books, articles and video/podcasts. The more I looked for sources...
Mastery list - ordered.
Yesterday I shared the list of things I would like to develop a high level of mastery for. It was an unordered list. When Brandon and Sir Abe commented on the post, the idea of prioritizing the list to identify next steps. 
Original List
1. Power
2. Corruption
3. Bias
4. Cognitive dissonance
5. Leadership
6. Decision...
One of the unique things about 2020 is that it exposed me to many new experiences. That also enabled me to meet and work with a lot of different groups of people. The more I engage with new endeavors, the more I think about specific concepts on a recurring basis. 

Decision making
I have decided to try and learn as much as I can about decision making for the month of January. 

When I think about all the mistakes I have made in the past, it comes down to some bad decisions. The very good things in the past also came down to...
Good & bad decisions
Continuing on my hunt for a good understanding of decision making.... 

What is classified as a good decision versus a bad decision? 
Characteristics of a good decision:
1) Good decisions are objective. 
2) Good decisions are made in the without haste, stress and anxiety 
3) Good decisions are made after getting full information
4) Good decisions...
Someone asked this question in a FB group that I follow.

What is a rare combination of two skills that when combined make someone unstoppable?

I love the question but I found it hard to answer. It took me a long time but eventually, it came down to these four skills:

I am not a very tech gadget/gaming type of person. At all. 
Back when I was a kid, I would have 1 or maximum 2 games that I loved - and that was all I wanted to play - if I wanted to play. Something about gaming didn't do it for...