Showing up afraid ... anyway

I have been waiting to get better to confidently share my writing again.
I wonder what my measure of better is and how I get there.
I am choosing the first step as showing up even when I am afraid to share where I am, with what I have now.
It is okay. 
It is okay.
I am committed to a life of growth.
I am committed to a life of consistency.
I am committed to a life of rhythm, flow and production.
May the month of August align with these desired commitments.

I am not sure if I have figured out how to use to the gifts.
But better would look like: Being able to write simply yet with mastery.
2022-08-02 11:20:25
 I seek to attain a comfortable sense of confidence in my thoughts and how I communicate them.
2022-08-22 08:34:20

Writing Project