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Mastery 2020-12-28 19:42:26

One of the unique things about 2020 is that it exposed me to many new experiences. That also enabled me to meet and work with a lot of different groups of people. The more I engage with new endeavors, the more I think about specific concepts on a recurring basis. 

Here is a top 10 list I made earlier today:
1. Power
2. Corruption
3. Bias
4. Cognitive dissonance
5. Leadership
6. Decision making
7. Influence/Persuasion 
8. Failure
9. Fear
10 Placebo effect

I don't want to think randomly about these topics. I want to deliberately learn more about it. From my observations so far, understanding these concepts can go very far in being effective at doing things especially in groups. Things like power and corruption aren't the far off concepts that I used to think I can only find in movies and books. At a very small scale, it is present everywhere. I want to be able to recognize the symptoms early - both in myself and in others that I am forced to work with. 

All the 10 topics are complex and I doubt there are many people who are experts. But I like the idea of dedicating my attention into improving my understanding of them. 2021 goals.

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Very Altucher-like to create a top-ten list. I wonder how you will decide where to start?
2020-12-28 19:54:54
Uncanny the overlap our obsessions share. I'd say that my top ten are the same as yours just in different order. I'd say my #1 is probably cognitive dissonance or influence. 

2020-12-28 21:20:02
The list isn't in any order Sir Abe. I should think about that so I can start with the most important things first. 

I haven't yet determined the how Brandon. Reading books and articles is all I can think of though. I am open to ideas. 
2020-12-29 21:10:18