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Notes Following a Walk

Walking in the Transition to Evening 2020-12-12 23:59:17

One of my favorite things about COVID is how full our neighborhoods feel. When I look out my window, my neighbor's lights are always on until the same time every night. On my walks, everyone seems to be home, especially during weekends. Or maybe I just feel their presence more on such a time like Saturday night.

I'm used to the lights and energy being downtown on Saturday evening. It's at this time so much of the neighborhoods would migrate their energy over to where the bars and restaurants stand huddled together. Before April, when someone asked me to hang out, downtown is where we always met.

Back then whenever I might take a weekend off from seeing anyone I'd feel a sinking FOMO while taking my walks in the evenings. Maybe FOMO isn't the correct term because it wasn't that I was fearing missing out... more accurately I was feeling a sense of loss, a feeling of out of place-ness. While walking around these neighborhoods it would be clear that many of the houses were empty, and many of the ones with people in them were just about ready to head downtown. These neighborhoods felt something less than what they feel like these days.

Today I discovered one of my favorite times to take a walk: during that transition from late afternoon into the evening, when it's dark enough that people's lights are on, but not too late where they've self consciously close their blinds and curtains. Tonight was a cold. Not a freezing chill that reminds me of frostbite, but the type that spikes me with life. It makes me feel in the moment while filled with nostalgia at the same time. I walked around peering into these living rooms on Saturday evening. I saw different lights, furniture, decorations on the walls, and a lot of flat screen televisions. When I got to the more wealthy neighborhoods I saw art and bookshelves. In the wealthy neighborhoods I heard some kids playing a game that involved counting out loud. Sometime during the walk I wondered how bright or how dead downtown must be.

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Notes Following a Walk

Walking in the Transition to Evening
Walking at dusk is also a great way to align your circadian rhythm and get the body ready for the wind-down for sleep.
2020-12-13 16:31:02
Ah that's another good reason! You go on dusk walks regularly?
2020-12-14 03:41:34