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Dedicating yourself while remaining grounded 2020-12-18 16:40:41

When I found 200WAD, what Baz was doing, no exaggeration, amazed me. Here was this young guy building his own product and community and I was a part of it meeting all these cool people around the world! I felt like I was in a special mastermind for how an Indie Hacker does it.

Since then the Indie Hacker space has grown a lot. There are now so many people like Baz out there, and it's possible to learn from them because sharing process and goals and documenting strategy is part of the culture.

If tuning into how Baz was approaching 200WAD was one of the smart moves of 2019, then not following up with the countless other Indie Hackers out there was one of my blunders.

I found Alex West just this week and read all of his monthly updates. I think West does a great job documenting his journey, honestly engaging with both highs and lows. His updates feel kind of gritty because instead of emphasizing the fantasy of how things will work out, he emphasizes the short-term obstacles, without going into technical tangents that would bore anyone outside his domain.

His grounded approach allows him to avoid getting stuck in the sky while at the same time sustaining a bond with his deep philosophical purpose. His why. You can see that illustrated in this quote:

I don't see Cyberleads as my life boat. The project that will feed me or my children. The business that my life depends on. For me it's business school.
Alex West

There's a keystone lesson here. Not only related to starting a business or writing your book. The ability to dedicate yourself to something in the short term, without getting high off the idea that that thing is your life mission is a difficult tightrope to walk.

*Alex West is an indie maker I recently found and the quote is from his monthly update https://www.alexwest.co/posts/236

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Indie Hackers

Dedicating yourself while remaining grounded
I like the idea of documenting the journey so that we see everything and not just the end results. 
2020-12-19 00:58:49
Funny how I've followed Alex for a long time on Twitter yet never bothered reading up his blog.
2020-12-25 00:31:00