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Dec 25, 2020

Notes Following a Walk
Cold City

I'm somebody who likes to pride themselves on taking walks no matter the weather. I failed this time though. The air felt colder than dry ice against my skin. 

Yesterday morning a homeless man froze to death in the encampment that has formed in a park downtown these past few months....

The Season of Receiving

People like to refer to this time of year as the "Season of Giving." By definition, that means it's also the Season of Receiving. All that giving has to be received otherwise it would be a waste, no?

There is an art to gift-giving. A gift card is an easy way...

Innovation won't die.

Came back from my church retreat yesterday and I was trying to catch up on emails. One email from AngelList had this statement. "There’s an ongoing debate whether humans have reached “peak intelligence.”.

Later in the afternoon, I got an invite to join Clubhouse, the hot drop-in platform. I dropped...
Dec 24, 2020

The artist's tragedy

I believe my greatest beartrap* to writing fiction has been a self identification as an artist. Even before I had completed any work or exercised a daily habit of creating I saw myself as an artist and tried to live that way.

There's nothing inherently wrong with being an artist. The...

Contracting greetings

My girlfriend got a text from a mutual acquaintance who told her to "Say hi to Brandon for me." We've all done this, but why do we do it? The acquaintance has my number, and she could easily text me directly to say hi. I refer to this as contracting...
Dec 23, 2020


I've noticed that founders can take one of two approaches when serving their customers. They can either remove beartraps or provide superhero-capes. This post explores beartraps.

Beartraps are obstacles preventing someone from taking a swing. For example it used to be difficult to deploy an ecommerce storefront. In the 90s and...

Pandemic travel update

I have not traveled since March, so I was unsure what to expect for my recent trip from Arizona to North Carolina. The biggest change at the airports is closing down gates and shops. This is a strategy aimed at reducing the volume of people concentrated in certain locations. 

The Southwest...
Dec 22, 2020

One person doing it alone

Haven't read any novels the past two weeks. Not sure why, but if forced to give a reason I'd say it's because my mind has been craving content related to programming and business.

While scrolling through Twitter the other day while telling myself I was learning programming and business, I...

The Man With Three Laptops

I know it doesn't sound as cool as The Man With the Golden Gun. Nevertheless, I have become the guy who travels with three laptops. 

The primary laptop is the MacBook Air of course. It is my primary writing tool, after all. By the way, the M1 processor is worth the...
Dec 21, 2020

Seven screens

I shared a picture with folks in the 200WAD migration Telegram group showing my home-office set-up dubbed "Mission Control." I stepped back and counted the number of screens that I sit in front of on a daily basis and that number is seven.

My iPad mini and iPhone are with me...

Window to a Memory

Above the mask, below the forehead, what do you see? 

Gripping steel, treading concrete, circumvent chaos in a puddle of mud.

Pass a perfectly preserved bagel on a snowbank, forbidden food. 

Above the strange, below the stranger, how can you breathe?

Kicking snow, the path narrows, standing desperate in a line of validation. 

Two more...
Dec 20, 2020


The scary thing about the coronavirus is that you might be just minding your own business and end up getting it anyway. You could be peeping into your neighbor's window or rummaging through their trash. Maybe today's the day you take a few packages from people's porches. Here you are,...
Dec 19, 2020