Hiking to Falls Creek

It is a busy day at Falls Creek today. Not only is it the annual Peaks Challenge bike race, but the hikers were also planning to head off on another day of trekking.

To avoid the road closures due to the cycling event, the hiking group left the accommodation at 5.00...

Win Our Brains!

abrahamKim recently changed some UI stuff around.

He mentioned he wanted to move the dopamine to the end.

When and how you trigger people with the UI are some of the few tools at your disposal.

How will...

Hov, Jack and NFTs.

Jack Dorsey announced this week that Square have acquired TIDAL. The deal also makes Jay Z join Square's board.

Twitter analysts have been all over the news, from sceptical analysis like - TIDAL is an awful service, this is a just a rich dude helping out a rich friend - to...

Sometimes you just want good BBQ

After the stretch appointment today, my friend and I made a pitstop to obtain materials for a particular experiment. After this pitstop, we were ready for lunch. I remembered that there's a BBQ place near where we were that I had never visited. It was on my radar because two...

At what point do we become?

When does a writer become a writer? When does a marketer become a marketer? When does dancer become a dancer? 

Is it the first word you write? Is it the first content calendar or piece of ad copy you publish? Is it the first sequence of steps that you take? 

Becoming something...

Intrepid hikers

The intrepid hikers appear over the hill as they headed to the Cope Hut rendezvous point. It was a beautiful sunny day, chilled slightly by the wind blowing a ross the Victorian High Plains. They were finishing a two-day hike from Mount Hotham to Falls Creek.

The trek started Mount Loch...
Mar 05, 2021



We judge ourselves by intention, we judge others by action.

It's funny but we all do it. Not like all, but it's just instinctive.

I believe judging others by intentions also can improve relationships. I don't mean everyone in the world. I mean those close to us. Family and/or age-long friends.

This is...

I wrote a short bio

Medical Device Professional. Comfortable and secure in my own skin to tell you what I think. Battle-tested dad of 3 stubborn girls and 4 crazy but smart dogs. Yes, that is me in a few short sentences. I think that is enough. 

A Love Letter to Friends

When you write on a platform like Adagia, you have options. The smart option is to copy your work in other places in case of human error. Computers don't make mistakes but hardware does fail, so unforeseen consequences could also fall under the Act of God clause in your homeowners...

The compassion of democratization

Before digital publishing tools like Pagemaker, Quark Express, and Adobe InDesign, you had to undergo an apprenticeship as a typesetter to learn how to adjust line leading, kerning, and tracking by hand. 

Before out-of-the-box artificial intelligence frameworks, the cost to streamline your business or any number of critical problems was a...

Becoming Abe

I can't remember how Noah and my mom and dad got to the airport. Who drove them? It's reasonable to think that Dan's mom drove us to the airport so that I could say goodbye from there. Reasonable to imagine my final goodbye was a teerful hug with my mom...

The home page

Nobody asked for my opinion, but I'm giving it anyway. After all, I'm here every day and I notice the little things.

First up is the transition to a sparse homepage that provides the choice to read or write. According to 

Vaccine nationalism

Yesterday, the Italian government blocked a shipment of 250,000 doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine from being shipped to Australia. They said that because Australia had so few coronavirus cases, they did not need the vaccines and that they should be used in Europe, where there is a great need.


Contextualize the valley

The effort, endurance, and morale required to accomplish valuable work hinge on how clear the purpose of the journey is:

It’s why people can finish a marathon, because they know that after 26.2 miles of intense running they will have crossed an important threshold.

It’s why people can build great products, because...


When a new best friend makes you question reality -- and you decide it's all just a smashed illusion.

It's now a 1,000 piece puzzle you don't want to piece together. 

It's on the floor. 

The drunken table flipper is laughing and pointing and high fiving the room.

It's okay. Your beer isn't spilled.

Mar 04, 2021

3 Questions

A friend asked me these questions, so I thought I'd answer them here

1 Which area(s) of software development or product making do you enjoy the most?

I'd say Product Management. But I've not had any experience of the role. I do not have a full picture of what it entails. However,...

SQL courtesy of DBeaver

Currently, my access to SQL is limited to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio on my client's desktop. I use SQL daily to create and run queries for proprietary software used by health insurance companies. Since I have access only through a client's proprietary software, I cannot use this access for...

Becoming Abe
1st Lesson from living with the Shooks'

I still remember the first lesson I learned when I got to the Shooks'.

It wasn't that late, but it felt dark. Must've been overcast or something. The whole family was in the dining room. I heard Dan's mom jovial and high pitched, "Abe's here!" Then I heard Kenny's booming...