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Jan 17, 2021


The OURA ring tells me my body temperature and resting heart rate has been going up the last few days. Asks me if I am feeling ok.

Then I start to feel sore throat....especially towards the evening time. 

Then I start to feel tired and slight headache.

And the only thing I can...

hidden in plain sight

Nothing in the laws of forward motion suggests that the forces that slows us down should be clear and obvious.
Some opposing forces are unwittingly nurtured when we choose to do things because they’re the most familiar thing we know, not because they are necessarily the best thing to do.
Some opposing...

Do you want fries with that?

I went shopping for a new laptop today. I was looking for a small laptop to fit easily into my bag and use whilst I was on the go. Nothing too fancy required.

After settling on the make and model I wanted, the sales guy said that I could pay to...
Jan 16, 2021


I have had a Fitbit device for nearly a decade now. I am very attracted to bi0-hacking/health promoting type of devices and when I saw the types of data a Fitbit could provide, I was sold. And this week, I got an email from the CEO announcing their acquisition by...

Kids and Adults

I've seen kids who act like adults, and I've seen adults who act like kids. I try to know what distinguishes? What traits do we observe is present or lacking? What really separate men from the boys?

1) Patience
Teenagers and impatience are like five and six. Nothing botches a great plan...

The $5 Unicycle

"You're up!" I said, as I got up off my hands and knees from a well-practiced fall.

"That was awesome" - my friend said as he quickly grabbed the unicycle off the ground and marked the new distance with the toe of his sneaker.

In a few days, it might have been...


Our humanity is grounded by the fact that we all have moments:
Moments where we see a truth that we didn’t see before — the fact that you really do care about that person’s well-being, that the work you’ve been doing is or isn’t making the change you set out to...

What is a blanket?

It's the thing that keeps us warm on cold nights. It's the thing we want wrapped over us even when the night's hot. Because it reminds us of warmth... not only literally but also figuratively. Of a life we once lived even for a short time. Nine months about.

But what...

Zoom Zoom
A lap of the island

The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is one of the most exciting motorsport tracks in Australia. Here is a lap from the driver's seat.

A lap of the famous Phillip Island circuit starts when you cross the start/finish line on Gardner Straight. In my little roadster, top speed down the straight...

Back on the Bike

After a joyous 30-minute descent, we were treated to the tailgate of a truck in a dirt parking lot. 

... the thing you might not be thinking, unless I point it out, is that to get a 30-minute descent on a bike, you have to have climbed a really long way....
Jan 15, 2021

Life Hacks
Life Hacks: Cures and Solutions

Chapter 4: Cures and SolutionsMosquito bite? Apply a hot spoon onto the spot. The heat will destroy the reaction and the itching will stop almost instantly.Candles will burn longer and drip less if they are placed in the freezer for a few hours before using.Got a headache that just won't...


Today I needed to write a private post. 
There are things that happen once in a while that needs a post of its own but it doesn't need to be public. 

Venting can help even if no one is listening. 
Today was one of those days. 

My disappointment and distrust of corporate America has...

The world is big enough

Pixar’s 20-acre campus in Emeryville, California isn’t for everyone.
On one hand, its design makes getting around woefully inconvenient: where short and efficient right-angles and straight-line paths could’ve been built, there are funny curves and contortions.
On the other hand, maybe quickly getting to one’s office or to the subway station isn’t...

Daily Writing
Double fault

How is it that international tennis players and their entourage are allowed to land in Melbourne? Yet, thousands of Victorians who are stranded in the COVID "red zones" of Sydney and Brisbane are being prevented from returning home?

In ensuring that the Australian Open tennis tournament goes ahead, the Victorian government...
Jan 14, 2021