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Jan 12, 2021


Growing up, TV was a huge medium of entertainment. There was nothing else. Sights of kids watching a neighbours TV from the window were commonplace. Way back, TV stations don't start broadcast until 4 pm and close for the day by midnight. On weekends broadcast started by midday thereabouts. The...

Things can't be different.

You know what's hard? Being a beginner. I don't mean starting is hard or the beginning steps of a project. I mean, being an adult and feeling like a child as you work on something you're not skilled at.

Impostor Syndrome - you never seem to be able to know it...
Peter Dannock

Real recycling as reply to What's in a job?

From 24/08/2020

In the days before plastic bottles and council recycling bins, glass bottles' recycling was a profitable business for the local Scout groups. It was common practice back then for glass bottles to be collected, cleaned and refilled, a real demonstration of how to recycle.

Beer bottles were the most valuable...


For the past few months whenever I've drove into my city, San Fernando, I've been taking the long way out. Not much has changed yet but a huge construction project is in its first stages and I've been driving by every time to see the progress.

Whenever something changes in your...

The Last Dance

We did some holiday viewing last night. My 'I am not that into sport' wife suggested we watch the 'The Last Dance' on Netflix. Those who don't know, the 'The Last Dance' is a Netflix series that revolves around basketballer Michael Jordan and his last season at the Chicago Bulls.


What's in a job?

Paperboy - my first job.

It was a daily slog that started early in the morning. The paper was expected to be on a subscriber's porch before they awoke. If I could get it there by 7am, I felt pretty good. Then, I could head off to school by 7:40 and...


I must have written about 5 posts on bitcoin between 200words and here. 
I shared when I first decided to get in. I shared how I felt when the market stalled. And I shared when the price of bitcoin doubled in 22 days. I think it is fair to say that...
Jan 11, 2021

Adagia Alerts
Draft Visibility

HI everyone.

I released a replies feature around noon (eastern) today that introduced a privacy slip-up. From noon to about 2:40 PM (est) today,

The Extent of this slipupEvery Adagia user who was signed in could see any draft by any user in their writing dashboard (the screen you see when you...

Persistence & Reality

If you've ever wanted to engage in an activity that enforces the idea of persistence, two come to mind. Rock climbing and programming. You only reach the top of a rock if you persist. Likewise, the computer will only succumb to the will of the programmer if he persists long...
Jan 10, 2021

Let it snow

Just got back from a nice morning drive up to Mount Hotham. I enjoy an early morning jaunt up a windy, mountain road. With blue skies, sunshine and little or no traffic, it is the perfect start to the day.

Mount Hotham is a skiing resort situated in the Victorian High...

Re: Re: Friendship as reply to Highschool as fail-safe zone


Continuing the posts by Seun and Sir Abe on friendships...
I too had the best friends when I was at the university in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. That was the first time in my young life that I found a group of people that I connected with. 

Since I didn't grow up in...
Abraham Kim

Highschool as fail-safe zone as reply to Friendship

Composition of my friendships match yours. Funny for me is that I probably would've never become close with my university friends had we met in high school instead.

Like you wrote, high school was a different environment. Funny and kind of sarcastic to a fault often. But it sort of allowed...


I've heard folks say Highschool days were the most fun. Yeah, I say the same too. Secondary school had stupid and really crazy activities, it was all fun those days. Everything was either a joke or banter. Our reunion WhatsApp group proves this.

But most of my meaningful friends were forged...

Old Town Road

According to this article from Pitchfork, the song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (with an assist from Billy Ray Cyrus) is now the most-certified song in RIAA history. The RIAA is the Recording Industry Association of America, which is the trade organization that supports major music companies...