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Jan 07, 2021

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A day at the races

For some people, having a spirited drive on the roads is not enough. These are the people that like to take their car on a race track and push it to its ultimate limit, sometimes coming unstuck in the process. I am one of those people.

One of my roadsters is...

Letters to People
Beer; Coffee

I remember us taking so many walks. And I remember us drinking so much beer. Today I wouldn't even drink more than once a week. Back then I remember the sun setting on many Tuesdays and Wednesdays where I'd begin wondering whether you'd want to go for a beer. Don't...

Corruption & Power

The last few months my interest in topics like corruption, power, bias and leadership has increased very sharply. I have come to understand that my view was too simplistic. There are few things in life that are that simple. 

In 2020, I came in contact with many instances of abuse of...

Life Hacks
Life Hacks: Food and Drink

Chapter 2: Food and DrinkHave leftover coffee from the morning? Use it to make coffee ice cubes, which will cool your coffee down without diluting it.Run your bacon under cold water before cooking it. Doing so will reduce shrinkage by up to 50%.When making hard-boiled eggs, throw one teaspoon of...
Jan 06, 2021

Start. Stop. ReStart.

It's okay to start over.

Permission to start over means you can start the project and get much of the way through and stop.  You start. You stop.

Maybe you finished. But stopping doesn't mean you finished. For that matter, finishing doesn't mean you stop.

Separate the ideas of stopping with finishing and...

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Spirited Driving

You don't need a sports car with a lot of power to enjoy a spirited drive. My current roadster only has a four-cylinder, 2.0-litre motor, but it packs enough punch to allow me to push it to the limit without going over the top.

A spirited drive doesn't need to be...

Letters to People

I remember on our walks together I would often cite the example of Frodo leaving The Shire when the question of how we were spending our time came up. Both of us were away from family most the year, this distance becoming more normalized with each passing month, and I...

Good & bad decisions

Continuing on my hunt for a good understanding of decision making.... 

What is classified as a good decision versus a bad decision? 
Characteristics of a good decision:
1) Good decisions are objective. 
2) Good decisions are made in the without haste, stress and anxiety 
3) Good decisions are made after getting full information
4) Good decisions...
Jan 05, 2021


Just read The Overstory. While I am still unsure if I should italicize or bold book titles, after reading this there are much bigger worries than that.  I won't give anything away, but the book has a few lines that reverberated with me. One of these might seem obvious, but...

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Soft-top or Hard-top

The characteristics that make a roadster so is they all have two-seats, an open roof and an ability to put a big smile on your face. Many of the early roadsters never had a roof; they were always open and had a clip-on cover to keep them dry when they...

Notion all the things

(This one is really just for the streak.)

I currently use Notion to manage large chunks of my life. I use their table object with multiple views which apply different filters and sorting. My methodology is an unholy mashup of kanban and Getting Things Done. Each item has a...
Jan 04, 2021

End of vacation

Tomorrow, I am flying back to Arizona and ending what has been a nice and relaxing two-week vacation. It's been great not thinking about work. I've enjoyed reading, and writing, and spend time spend time with the girlfriend.

I am starting to develop the usual ambivalent feelings about leaving. It is...

Decision making

I have decided to try and learn as much as I can about decision making for the month of January. 

When I think about all the mistakes I have made in the past, it comes down to some bad decisions. The very good things in the past also came down to...

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Roadster story

When I was a young lad, my older brother owned an MG Midget. The MG Midget was a British roadster sports car, sold between 1960 and 1980. His model from the early 1970s was painted in British Racing Green. My brother was the first person I knew who owned a...


The time off in these past two weeks was badly needed. Weekends are too short and there's always that feeling that it's over before it began. But this time I actually was able to avoid the dread of looming work for most of it. It felt like an endless vacation...
Jan 03, 2021

In a world where you can be anything, be kind

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind" -  Jennifer Dukes Lee

The above quote gets better each passing day.

In a world of almost endless possibilities, where almost anything is possible. One must be deliberate about being kind.

In a world where access to information has been democratised....