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Jan 03, 2021

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Roadster joy

As the road winds its way up a mountainside with the tight bends and hairpin turns, the roadster driver is suddenly in their element, rejoicing not only in every sharp curve along the road but also the feeling of the wind blowing in their hair.

Many cars are designed for transporting...

100 200-word character sketches
Lonely Joe

Joe lived alone in an apartment in a part of the city where mostly young people lived. "30,000-dollar millionaires", as they were referred to. Joe was not young. He was not a millionaire. He barely made more than 30,000 dollars.

Joe divorced 8 years ago. He wanted more. She deserved more.



Compared to most disaster movies this pandemic hasn't been too scary. The threat is invisible and all you're being asked to do is stay in, social distance, and wear a mask. There's no scarcity of resources or need to find shelter. As a disaster movie, it'd be pretty boring.

Still, I...

Now that it's begun

Often we talk quantify macro issues in measures like total cost in GPD. When I think of that measure I immediately imagine disasters like COVID or the war on drugs or the mental health pandemic. One thing that saddens me is that I believe that the U.S is starting 2021...
Jan 02, 2021

Re: Corruption

keni wrote about corruption. I cleared off what I'd typed three times when I was trying to comment on the post. There was just too much to write.

Corruption is complex. It's way more complex in developing...

Posting vs. commenting

With an active community of writers there are so many interesting posts written every day. You want to leave your thoughts in the comments, to participate in the discussion... Or you could even write a full post about the topic and your views as a reply.

Linking posts between writers around...

Daily Writing
When The Rubber Hits The Road

Everything is relative regarding how a community responds to an outbreak of coronavirus, as Victoria struggles to manage a New Year outbreak that started with an interstate traveller from New South Wales. With 29 active cases so far, the State Government has responded quickly by closing the border with New...

Does 80/20 make sense?

I remember the first time I heard of the pareto principle of 80-20. It sounded fascinating to me. I wanted to use it to drastically improve my time management skills. 

I find that I gravitate towards such mind hacks to get more out of my routine. it is only 2020 that...


It's satisfying when a story reveals the answers and it all adds up. Or when you get answers for questions you didn't even have. I recently watched a show that did just that and it contrasted with others that left those reveals for the end and were unsatisfying.

Mass Effect comes...
Jan 01, 2021


Thinking about Freedom. 

Freedom is responsibility. When you're not optimizing for freedom people make decisions for you. Schools set the curriculum and timetable for you. Groups dictate or call the shots on how you'd spend your day/month/year.

But when you're optimizing for freedom, or you've got time on your hands. All those...

Documenting Adagia
After Four Weeks

I'm happy to see we have a tiny crew of regulars here. I actually look forward to coming here to see what discourse has brewed while i was gone. It feels like a little corner of home* that I remember 200WAD feeling like.

I actually like that we are currently invite-only...

A Job History
A Job History Part 1

In 1999, I graduated from the University of Toledo in Ohio with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Psychology. When some people hear that they say, "That's an odd combination. Math and psychology?" My stock response is, "Have you seen the girls in the math classes?"

The truth is that...

Mastery List - Edited

A few days ago, I created a list of things I wanted to build a deep understanding and expertise on. 
It was a list of just 10 complex topics. 

And I started the first step to try and learn about them via books, articles and video/podcasts. The more I looked for sources...