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Jan 01, 2021


I went into 2020 with high hopes. 2019 was filled with promise and I probably had unrealistic expectations of the next year but I was excited nonetheless.

At first, I downplayed the virus to myself. It's going to stay in China. To it's going to stay in Asia. It'll be just...

Weird Year

I have year-end posts to write, and personal reflections to write, and future planning to write, and I don't want to do any of it. In fact, almost nothing on my to-do list looks interesting right now. I don't like New Year's Eve. It's supposed to be a big moment...

Daily Writing
A journaling habit

Journaling (noun): the practice of keeping a journal or diary, especially to express one's thoughts.

Over many years I have prompted myself to develop a journaling habit, by getting a notebook (paper or digital) and writing down words. Often it would be a list of the day's activities, without little or...

No Big Wins

I believe that big wins don't exist. Every big win we admire is actually yet another small step along a journey of a life that has been driving a road of small wins consistently through time. We simply cast such highly visible victories along such a continuum as big because...


2020 has been a horrible year. 
I know everyone is saying that but I can't articulate just how much I loath this year. 

I do not recall a year where I have been this anxious, sad, terrified and hopeless. 
But I have also done more this year than any in recent memory. 

I remember...
Dec 31, 2020

Gratitude 2020

All God does in the earth, he does through people.

I'm so grateful for the gift of people this year. In a very wild year, where something as simple as getting a haircut was a luxury, you gotta be thankful for anything you've got.

Thankful for friends who were always around all...

New Year's Eve

There's all this pressure to produce some sort of grand post today. Either a full summary of 2020 or a preview of the year ahead. Anytime the contrarian in me is presented with pressure to do something, I immediately resist it, especially if it is something you're "supposed to do"...

The year we emerge from our shelters

After what has felt like eternity we finally crawl out from our shelters. It is safe to step out, take out your mask and take a deep breath. Inhale that fresh air, free from smoke and pollution. The wildlife is strolling around the city. Green landscapes as far as the...

D&D Night

I just glanced at the calendar and was chuffed to see it is D&D night. So I better write right now. After this, it's kids' bedtime and then straight to the game, which will take until midnight.

Last week we entered a strange cave just off the sea. We were attacked...

Black and White

Some things are black and white, and the switch happens real quick. The person that you got into an argument with can go from being a sentient human with their entire life -- schedules, relationships, goals, dreams, etc -- to being a corpse implicating you as murderer in a matter...
Dec 30, 2020

Corruption & Power

If everyone around you was corrupt, would it make sense to stay uncorrupt?

This question came up in a conversation with a friend today. And like many morality questions, the right thing seems obvious in theory but it is never as easy in real life. 

In a lot of economies around the...

Cold & Catarrh

It's harmattan season over here.

It's not as dry as it used to be. But i've got cold and catarrh. I've been sneezing all day with running nose. It's been like that for days. I've completed a dosage of Procold, I haven't gotten any better.

I would go for lab tests tomorrow.


Newsletter update

Tomorrow I will conclude three months of writing my weekly newsletter Be Wellthy. I would like to share a few thoughts about this experience.The newsletter was a great idea to increase my output and "add more resistance" to my exercise of writing. Substack makes it very easy to maintain an...

Mastery list - ordered.

Yesterday I shared the list of things I would like to develop a high level of mastery for. It was an unordered list. When Brandon and Sir Abe commented on the post, the idea of prioritizing the list to identify next steps. 
Original List
1. Power
2. Corruption
3. Bias
4. Cognitive dissonance
5. Leadership
6. Decision...
Dec 29, 2020

The Internet Mob

Today on Twitter, a fellow who had been accused of rape recently came out and proved his innocence. Alas, the screenshots of the supposed victim were fabricated. The accused had his name and achievements dragged through the mud throughout last week.

He was vindicated today. The "social justice warriors" who had...

Getting it out there

If you build it, they will come.
From the movie Field of dreams to the Bible this advice has been given out to encourage people to make their ideas in reality and out there. Like nothing else is needed to gain fame and fortune from those ideas.Unfortunately many good ideas have...