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Daily Writing
Peter Dannock
A journaling habit
Journaling (noun): the practice of keeping a journal or diary, especially to express one's thoughts.

Over many years I have prompted myself to develop a journaling habit, by getting a notebook (paper or digital) and writing down words. Often it would be a list of the day's activities, without little or...
When The Rubber Hits The Road
Everything is relative regarding how a community responds to an outbreak of coronavirus, as Victoria struggles to manage a New Year outbreak that started with an interstate traveller from New South Wales. With 29 active cases so far, the State Government has responded quickly by closing the border with New...
Double fault
How is it that international tennis players and their entourage are allowed to land in Melbourne? Yet, thousands of Victorians who are stranded in the COVID "red zones" of Sydney and Brisbane are being prevented from returning home?

In ensuring that the Australian Open tennis tournament goes ahead, the Victorian government...
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