Intrepid hikers

The intrepid hikers appear over the hill as they headed to the Cope Hut rendezvous point. It was a beautiful sunny day, chilled slightly by the wind blowing a ross the Victorian High Plains. They were finishing a two-day hike from Mount Hotham to Falls Creek.

The trek started Mount Loch Car Park, and they headed west towards Mount Loch. Delighted at the breathtaking views of Mount Feathertop, they passed Derrick Hut, Quintet Mine Hut before setting up camp at Dibbins Hut.

After pitching their tent, they settled in for the evening. It was cold overnight, and so they had a slow start the next day. They got swept up in the open space and limitless sky as you continue across the High Plains, traversing alpine wetlands teeming with flora and wildlife.

The hikers were pleased to see the end of the walk at Cope Hut. Sore feet and heavy packs had taken a toll on them as they completed the 28-kilometre walk. Keen to drop their packs and get off their feet, they returned to some cabin accommodation to enjoy a nice warm shower and a glass of wine.

Though feeling sore and sorry for themselves, the intrepid hikers were pleased with their accomplishment.