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Face it, you've got no real confidence or strategy to get business. Your game — there isn't one.

Forget courses and the promise of a strategic approach. You have access to all the tools you need to get started and keep getting business already. Google anyone?

Forget strategies. Say no to mindset recordings and personal power conferences. To overcome fear, anxiety, lack of motivation and just basically being unready to do the lifting required for the work that will set you free -- you need one thing — work.

You could leave right now - don't even need to continue reading - but let's face it. That's not enough. You want it to be a little bit easier.

Okay, what you really want - and it's safe to admit it here just between you and me, is you want help. Not the show up and wipe your chind kind of help. More like the coach saying: "Okay team - take a lap. Be back in 30 minutes. If you can't run for 30 minutes. Walk. If you can't walk. Stop. But whatever you do - get a sweat on and be back in 30 minutes."

Then, you know what to do. You take off at a slow pace. You're doing the work.

After going through this experience

1: You will know how to accept a new problem
2: You will know exactly what to do
3: You will be faster at shipping your work
4: You'll be way more confident and creative after the STW experience.

Let me know if you're ready to learn more.

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