Dear Love Letter

When we first met, I didn't know you, but admired you from afar. My eyes caught yours and I noticed my body responding — maybe like a magnet does as it approaches metal. It felt good. I wanted to know more.

In the right state of mind, I didn't care about yesterday or tomorrow. I felt the warmth of a coffee cup. I felt the hardness of a chair as I slid up to the front to be more attentive. I wanted to know what you were thinking and to drink in more of that energy. As you slept, I could feel the warmth of your skin and heat of your breath.

And then something organic and internal happened. I don't know how to describe the disturbance I felt. It was a shudder at first and then a cold slice running down the middle of my chest. I wanted to cry. I did cry. I felt so deeply and could feel the tendrils of the roots breaking out of my heart and taking hold of my soul. You grew in me and from me and I knew in that moment that you'd always be with me.

I didn't know you. I saw and admired you. Then I attended to you and finally fell in love. Thank you for always being right here with me. I love you.