Australians love to drive big four-wheel-drive vehicles, and one of the most popular of those vehicles is the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series. With a heritage that dates back to the earlier 1950s, the Toyota Landcruiser is recognised as one of the toughest and reliable vehicles for taking off the beaten track.

Australians like the Landcruiser 200 Series because it has a diesel V8 engine with lots of towing power. It is also coming to the end of production, and later this year, Toyota will release the new Landcruiser 300 Series to replace the older 200 Series.

There are not many details known about the new Landcruiser model, but it is known that Toyota will replace the diesel V8 with a turbo V6 diesel engine. As a result, buyers have been flocking to the dealers to snap up the last 200 Series Landcruisers before the V8 is no more.

The demand has been tremendous, and it is no longer possible to order or buy a new Land Cruiser 200 Series from any dealer in Australia. If you want to buy one, you will need to look at the used car market. One online listing from a dealer for a 2021 Toyota Landcruiser with just 10 kilometres showing on the odometer is priced at $160,000, almost $57,000 more than the recommended retail price of a brand-new example.

The increased demand for the Landcruiser has “exceeded the expectations” of Toyota Australia, and an exhausted supply of the large four-wheel-drive has only served to further push prices higher.

Did you snap up a couple of these beauties?
2021-03-20 19:01:11
No, I didn't.  Could have made a good short term investment
2021-03-21 06:07:50