Loyalty to your employer has nothing to do with your length of employment and everything to do with your actions. Loyal employees may someday leave, but while they work for you, they do their best and often even put the company's interests ahead of their own.

Loyalty is earned by leaders and organisations who create an environment conducive to learning and progress. It is earned by employees who actively apply and grow their talents. Loyalty is earned when there is mutual admiration and respect.

Just because an employee may leave, it doesn't mean they are disloyal. Sometimes a new opportunity arises for them that is too good to pass up. Often there is nothing you feel you can do about it. On the contrary, you should applaud your employee's success, wish them the best, and (if warranted) tell them the door is always open if they choose to return.

If an employee is really that great, then it's critical to change your perspective from "They're leaving because they don't like us" to "They're leaving to get an education somewhere else, and hopefully someday they'll return". If you are good to them when they leave, they'll most likely become evangelists for your organisation.

Loyalty is elusive. It comes and goes at unexpected times. It often happens when you least expect it. And, it sadly can disappear in an instant.