No one can tackle Dusty

One of the critical aspects of playing Australian Rules football is the ability to tackle. Tackling a player can allow your team to impede a player's progress, force a free kick or stoppage and give your team the best chance to get the ball back and advance it down the field toward their goal.

Chasing and tackling is critical if a team is to be successful. A team that doesn't tackle hard enough is often unlikely to win the game. The Richmond Football Club has chased and tackled more than any other team in the last four years, and this is why they have won three of the past four Australian Football League (AFL) Premierships.

Key to Richmond's success has been Dustin Martin, who is currently considered the best player in the competition. Along with his three Premiership Medals, he has won a Brownlow Medal for the AFL's best and fairest player and three Norm Smith Medals for best on the ground in a Grand Final. This achievement is unequalled in more than 150 years of AFL competition.

His success is partly due to his ability to break a tackle. Dustin Martin has broken twice as many tackles as any other AFL player over the past five years. Some players barely break one tackle; Dusty breaks hundreds. His flexibility, core strength and quick reaction time allow him to be the master at it. 

He also has a remarkable ability to extend his arm out and push away other players who try to tackle him. Known as a "don't argue", this technique is another vital aspect of his game that allows him to evade the tackler.

If you don't tackle, you can't win, and the competition can't tackle Dusty.

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