P!nk concert P!nk Kidcutup Gayle Alice Merton

Yesterday I was at a 
at Viennas Ernst Happel Stadium. As you probably guessed, it was
I had the chance to see her back in 2016 but couldn't acquire cards back then, as they were always sold out in hours.

This time I managed to buy two for my best friend and me, and I'm thrilled we made it yesterday. There were three pre-bands: a DJ called
, who played between the pre-bands and had the first show. Then there was
, an American singer. Never heard of her, but she played some interesting tracks. The last pre-band was 
Alice Merton
a German musician I also never heard of.

Then it was time for the main act. Twenty-four songs were performed by P!nk in several (four) acts. Of course some classics, new stuff but and some covers. All in all a pretty good mix. But what completely astounded me was the stage performance and choreography.

P!nk was flying around everywhere, and the other girls and guys were doing other great stunts with trampolines on the main stage. I've attended many concerts but have never seen such a physical activity paired with singing. She must be an enormous fit person.