Zoom Zoom Championship - Round 4

Round four of the Zoom-Zoom Championship is on this Sunday. This time we will be circulating at Winton Raceway, in regional Victoria, about a three-hour drive north-east of Melbourne.

Regional race tracks always require me to arrive the day before the event and find a motel for the night, so as to arrive at the track the next day fresh and not tired. A positive thing about travelling the day before is that it allows all the event participants to meet for a pre-event dinner in a local pub. A parma and a pot at the pub the night before an event is the food of champions.

The Benalla Auto Club owns Winton Raceway, and motorsport has been held at the race track since the early 1960s. It has a short track and long track layout. The famous touring car driver, Dick Johnson, once described the experience of driving the original short track as running a marathon around your clothesline. To quell the criticism, the track was lengthened to three kilometres, allowing the premium categories of motorsport to now race there. 

With two different track layouts, event organisers can choose if they want to run the short track or the long track. We usually run the long track, and I suspect we will be doing the same this Sunday.

The weather is looking terrific, and my car is ready to go. I am looking forward to a fun day.

Zoom Zoom