Movie night

Last Saturday night was movie night, and it was so good to get out on a  movie date with my wife. After a nice Italian feast, we went to see "Supernova" at the Cinema Nova in Carlton.

I can't believe how resilient the experience of going to the cinema has become. In the 1980s, when the VCR was released, people were saying that cinemas would dead. No longer would people go to the movies if they could watch a great movie at home. With the pandemic lockdown, we got our films on the streaming services, with some movies being released simultaneously on streaming and at the cinema.

But post lockdown, we are slowly returning to the cinemas. A movie experience is not just about the movie. It's the dinner you have beforehand, the person you share it with and the big-screen movie experience. There will always be people who want to get out of the house, buy popcorn and experience the communal magic of the cinema.

Cinema has survived television, the rise of VCRs, DVDs, and streaming. They have faced adversity in the past but always survived. Cinemas are no longer just a place to go and watch a movie. They are an entertainment destination.