Resentment is a feeling of indignant displeasure at something or someone. It can eat away my precious time and makes me feel negative and low.

At first, I felt that I was not being treated fairly, and it progressed into feelings of anger. Over time, it has snowballed into disappointment, bitterness and hard feelings. It's hard to solve a problem when I don't think the other person understands or appreciates me. I get into a tug of war about who's right and who's wrong, and my ego usually gets in the way.

I am rational enough to realise that experiencing frustration and disappointment is a normal part of life. However, I have let my feelings of disappointment become too overwhelming, contributing to my resentment. It is time for me to resolve this, and I need to explore why the situation has caused me such resentment. 

Starting with empathy, I shall try and see things from another perspective. I need to also focus on gratitude by thinking of the things that are going right. It will help me to think about things and people that I am grateful for.

Ultimately, I will need to find some forgiveness if I am ever going to be at peace and move on.