Pandemic recovery

Australia can be pleased with its response to the pandemic and how the community has all but eradicate the coronavirus. However, this success may also be our challenge when it comes to economic recovery.

To successfully manage the coronavirus, Australia has closed its borders to most people, and in some cases, it has even made it difficult for Australian citizens to return home.

Closing borders has been popular with the Australian voter. Any leader who has supported the border closures has seen an increase in their popularity. They say they are keeping Australians safe, and the voters have supported their stance.

Australia has never had a population that will grow to support its growth targets and has relied on immigration. Even though the economy has started to recover, it won't manage long-term growth with the tight controls it has on its borders.

To grow the economy, we will need to open the borders, which will result in more coronavirus in Australia. To minimise the impact of more coronavirus in Australia, more of the population will need to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, there is too much vaccination hesitancy in Australia, partially due to a false sense of security Australians have with the current low infection levels.

It appears that Australia has successfully managed the crisis phase of the pandemic, but the economic recovery phase looks at risk if we can't get more people vaccinated.