The Zoom Zoom club doesn't run itself, and it takes a dedicated group of people to organise events for members across two states. With more than nine hundred and forty members, it is the same thirty-odd people who step forward to assist.

After our recent 30th Birthday celebrations, some members were heard to complain about how the same people keep getting the recognition awards. And this is true! I wonder if the people who made these comments considered that it does tend to be the same people who step forward and give their time and effort to organise the club activities. Surely with a membership of over nine hundred, we should be able to attract others to help.

Some club committee members have held their position for many years – mainly because the club does not have sufficient volunteers stepping forward to help out. If the club had a more active membership where more people helped out, some of the stalwarts could step back and leave things to others – enjoying the fruits of their long contribution and allowing other members to be recognised.

I enjoy my active role in the club and feel satisfied with the effort I put in. However, it would be nice to get a little more help from time to time.

Zoom Zoom