Being a football coach in the national pastime of Australian Rules Football is a high-pressure job. The pressure to succeed is on the coach's shoulders, so when the team performs poorly, everyone wants to blame the coach.

Nathan Buckley was an institution at the Collingwood Football Club. Affectionately known as 'Bucks', he played 260 games for the club and coached them in another 217 games over a stellar football career. As a player or a coach, he never experienced the ultimate thrill of winning a premiership. He came close on several occasions but fell at the last hurdle.

This year has been a poor year for the club. They were forced to release good players to stay under the salary cap, and the team is dwindling close to the bottom of the ladder. A position that is unacceptable for the club and fans.

After a twenty-seven year association with the club, Nathan Buckley said it was time for him to go, and he resigned as the coach. Maybe he was pushed, or perhaps he saw the writing on the wall, but it came as a surprise to many. He will coach his last game this Monday against the Melbourne Football Club.

When asked what brought about his end, Buckley said it was the "cycle of life". He was always going to get tapped on the shoulder at some point, and nothing lasts forever.

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