What a mess?

The house was a bit of a mess when I got home from work today, and my wife was not too happy about it. The cabinet makers had arrived to do a dry run installation for the new drawers and doors. So how was I to know that the cupboards needed to be emptied before they arrived?

As we are replacing only the cabinet doors and adding some drawers, the cabinet makers are doing the dry run to ensure that they all fit correctly before they give the doors their painted finish. So yesterday, I enquired with my builder about whether I needed to clean out the cupboards before they arrived, and he said no.

When the cabinet makers arrived, everything in the cupboards had to be removed, and it was strewn all over the living room floor, table and benchtops. When my wife came home, she was annoyed that all the entrails from the cupboards were spread around.

Quite rightly, she asked why we hadn't been informed to clean out the cupboards. I explained that I did ask and that I had been told that it wasn't required. So I was confident that I had done my due diligence to ensure that this didn't occur. But it did.