The endless list

Currently Writestreak lists all the latest posts in chronological order on the frontpage. The posts are there in full, with all the comments listed after them. It even includes the new comment form and other post related functionality straight there. For example if it is you post you'll see the edit button along the post (initially it even had the click to edit functionality right there without even going to the edit page!).

With only a few users and limited set of features this approach works fine. It's easy to through the latest posts without ever leaving the frontpage. But when the user base and features grow it will become too busy to have it all there. It's better to move the interaction with the post to a dedicated post page. With a lot of post's to scroll through it would also be better to give just an excerpt from the post to quickly decide whether you want to read the full post. Of course all this could be accommodated there in the feed. Just show the excerpt first and expand the full post, comments and actions when the preview is clicked. Or something in between: click to show the post but actions and comments only on the post page. Forcing the user to move to a separate page just to read the post feels excessive, but to interact might warrant the separate page load.

Navigating between the posts is another matter when the user is already on the single post view. Instead of hopping back and forth between the list and the post pages it would be better to offer direct navigation between posts right from the post page. Displaying next and previous post links would be easy, even enabling swiping to reach those advanced posts wouldn't be hard. The real challenge is to decide which list should serve these posts as there are many ways to list them: latest, most popular, by the same author, by tags. When the post page is opened from one of those ordered lists it's obvious the next and previous posts should also follow the same ordering. But what about when the user arrives to a post page directly when for example linked from 3rd party site? Adding all the options might make the page look too busy once again. It would also make it harder to decide the default action e.g. for swiping.

What would be your preferred way of listing the posts and navigating between them?