Well, here we are. I hadn't thought much about this in a looooong time but... well, here we are. I figure I should at least try this time. Ok I'm gonna try for sure this time. Well wait. What do you think? Do you remember what was going on last time? I feel like when I was here last time I did something more fluid.. maybe a little less thinking, a little more feeling. Ok this time if I try to do it that way again It'll probably work out. Yeah, I remember, thanks haha

I quickly slipped into the motion. Some energy firing. Shocking down from the top. Heading towards The Bottom. Ok the'yre almost there but wait... this time is a little teensy bit different. Isn't it? Wait stop. Hold on a sec I remember last time there was another step. A ritual has to occur right? I can't just go right into it. Do you remember if I ever skipped right into it? That never turned out right, right? Yeah, you're right thanks. Thanks I almost realllly fucked up haha sorry

Ok I remember what I have to do first. The ritual starts on the other side and from there you have to tweak towards The Preffered Side ever so slowly. I remember one time when we tried together at the same time and started ours on opposite sides! Hahahaha that was pretty funny afterward but in the moment it was a fucking disaster. Actually wait, do you want to do it together? At least this time we know how it works and that won't happen again. It would make me feel a lil better I think. ok cool haha thanks

Ok ok here we go! Ready?? I'm ready lol, let's do it! ok wait which side are you starting on, left? I dunno I'm not really good on that side usually when I do it that way I get reallly nervous halfway and it can be a little dangerous for the people in the next booth. Yeah, I know, I'm sorry haha. I just feel like maybe we could start on the right side? I know I've seen you do it from that side, you nail it every time. Ok thanks haha sorry

Alrighty then I'm feeling pretty good about it. Maybe you oughta just start? And I'll just lag a millisecond behind, maybe less haha. ok go ahead! No really, I like it better this way haha. yep for sure, no problem. thanks haha