What does fulfillment mean to me?

With time, I am slowing coming to an answer.
I hear people say service to another human is true fulfillment. I am not sure if I agree entirely.
I know that statement does not resonate with me.
I am slowing defining fulfillment for myself by being able to be of service to myself.
By that, I mean:
- Learning to be my truest self
- Showing up for myself
- Listening to the language of my heart and needs
- Intentionally growing to be better for myself and the people I care about
- Doing more of the things I love
Right now, fulfillment looks likes a small and simple life with a few people who voluntarily and wholeheartedly choose to do life with me.

Hi Sheila, That Les Brown video is awesome. I've downloaded it. I'm gonna set time to listen to it frequently also
2021-09-07 19:34:39
I am happy you found it useful 
 . It pumps so much life into me and I hope it does same for you as you begin to listen frequently as well.
2021-09-08 09:53:29