A week is never enough

My workday hadn't even started today before I had a message from a colleague saying I had to be in a meeting at 9.00 am. I hadn't even turned my computer on after returning from a week's leave before I was thrust back into the hustle of work.

I am convinced that a week's leave is never long enough. I usually spend the first two or three days winding down, worrying about what I have left undone at work. Then by the end of the week, I am already thinking about the emails and tasks that await me when I return.

I am fortunate to get four weeks of paid annual leave each year, yet I tend to waste it by taking in bite-size chunks. Instead, I should do what many people in Australia do, take my annual leave in one four week block, between Christmas and Australia Day in late January, so that I can stretch it as long as possible with some public holidays.

The problem with post-Christmas leave is that everyone is on holiday, and the good destinations are expensive and crowded. I prefer to go at a quieter time, away from the maddening crowds. Unfortunately, this means I usually holiday in spring when it is not as warm, so I have a shorter break. I need to keep reminding myself that a week is never enough.