Pay it forward

I think I have written how we paid a bunch of people in Switzerland a few drinks and lend them our larger table. We were two people (Christoph and me) and they were probably four to five. I can’t remember exactly, but that is irrelevant.

We also paid for dinner one evening when we were out with the German guys. Why were we so generous is something I regularly ask myself.

Part of it comes down to the following Reddit comment:

I’m not going into detail about the story, you can read it yourself. However, back to last week.
I was watching TheHobbyRoom more regularly on Twitch again and coincidentally the stream celebrated its third year of existence.
What did I do? I spent around 100€ on giving out subscriptions to the community watching. This week I sent another donation to get Cheri (the Host of the Stream) a Secret Santa present. Her former boyfriend is organising it and I really enjoy the streams. I also managed to get a hold on high res images of the logo of TheHobbyRoom. I was planning to build something with my dad for them. Well, I’m still planning it but I don’t have an exact idea yet. Also, I think it won't be so easy to send stuff to the UK since they moved out of the EU.

The thing is, why am I doing it? This brings me to a quote from Portal (yes, the Video game) Cave Johnson: “Science isn’t about why. It’s about why not.”

Giving isn’t to get something back, it is about the giving itself!