The Bend Motorsport Complex

It is only three years old, but The Bend Motorsport Complex has already gained a reputation as one of Australia’s best motorsport facilities. This assessment is hard to argue with when you arrive at a four-level, 308-metre pit building with 34 garages and a 100-room hotel. Each of the rooms enjoys a world-class race track for balcony views and most of the 7.77km layout can be viewed from the fourth floor. And there is a foyer-turned-car museum that contains some of the country’s coolest cars.

There are four different circuit layouts:
International Circuit
Length: 4.950 km - Used for majority of events, including national series events, state racing, club racing, and track hire

GT Circuit
Length: 7.770 km - Used for endurance racing, specialist racing events, private hire, and test days. This circuit is the second-longest permanent race circuit in the world, behind the Nurburgring (25.947 km).

West Circuit
Length: 3.410 km - Used for the majority of short-track events and can be used independently from the East Circuit

East Circuitu
Length: 3.930 km - will be used for driver/rider training, drifting, testing, club days, private days.

It doesn’t matter what circuit you try, a track day at The Bend Motorpsort Cimplex is always a lot of fun.

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