i am in love

and have no place to broadcast.

I do not mean the love itself. But this message: I'm in love!!

To the group chats I belong to, why would it matter? Why should they care?
...and social media? Forget it.

People start seeing these tools and platforms as a listening audience for us... somebody who cares on the other side.

But we know deep down nobody cares about you.
They are on there seeking something.
And that something is not 
making you feel heard.

This is what is so liberating.

Nobody cares.
So do whatever and anything you want.

Then why do I still not broadcast that I am in love on Instagram or god forbid Facebook?

Because I don't care to share it there.
I once had.
Wanted so bad for someone to be able to tell "I am in love" to
back when I wasn't in love, but deep down wished to be.

Now that I am in love, I do not crave to say it to anyone at all.

But I write it down

because I am a Writer.