As a young primary school kid, the lunch order was always the best. My family wasn't flush with money, so it was a rare opportunity when I could buy my lunch from the school tuck shop, and when I say rare, it may have happened once every three months.

On lunch order day, I would get a brown paper bag, write my name, classroom and order on the outside, and fold my money in the corner of the brown paper bag. If I was spending more than 20 cents on lunch, I was spending too much.

My favourite lunch order was a meat pie with sauce. The trick was not to get lunchtime detention, so the pie was always hot when you ate it. When your regular lunch included a Vegemite sandwich and a piece of fruit, the meat pie with sauce was the bee's knees. A buttered roll and packet of potato chips was also another favourite. Filling the bread roll with potato chips made a great lunch, even though it had little or no nutrition. 

Lunch orders were one of the highlights of primary school. I am not sure you could recreate that magic now.