Cheer cheese

I applaud Allen's lollies for wanting to change the name Red Skins and Chico, but I don't quite understand why it has taken so long.

Red Skins has long been an offensive term for Native Americans, and I remember the picture of the Native American on the outside wrapper of the famous sweet. I certainly didn't understand the derogatory nature of that term when I tried to break my teeth, eating them as a kid. And for Chico's, they were never one of my favourites.

This decision follows from the calls for Coon Cheese to drop its name. This cheese brand may have been named after Edward William Coon, but a product name that includes an offensive racial term needs to be in the firing line for change. It is know known as "Cheer Cheese".

Many people think that it is political correctness that has gone mad. I would suggest this is not true, and no one has gone crazy. It is not about the bag of lollies. The change sweeping the world with the Black Lives Matter movement is long overdue, and I, for one, will be happy to see the shift in more than just lollies.