Winding back the rules

The Victorian government is finalising a significant easing of public health restrictions that will rewind most rules and spur economic activity before winter's expected resurgence of COVID-19 cases. The Premier is expected to make announcements later this week that will signal meaningful changes towards normalising the virus.

The state government is in talks with business groups about allowing office workers to remove their masks at desks and scrapping the recommendation to work from home in the hope of regenerating the central business district of the city. There is also the possibility of relaxing vaccine mandates in some settings, though it is unclear if this change is likely.

The Premier had previously indicated that the current rules banning unvaccinated people from events, venues and some retail would be extended to three doses, given that is now the definition of fully vaccinated. But he walked back to this position today because the Federal government was going to open the borders and allow hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, who may not be third dosed, into our state.

We are not out of the woods yet, but it is nice to be in a position where more restrictions can be eased.