Kids and Adults

I've seen kids who act like adults, and I've seen adults who act like kids. I try to know what distinguishes? What traits do we observe is present or lacking? What really separate men from the boys?

1) Patience
Teenagers and impatience are like five and six. Nothing botches a great plan like impatience. The adult knows how to hide to extreme emotions (excitement or anger) till the job is done. I'm not talking about mastery here.
2) Concentration
The ability to sustain concentration is a good pointer of maturity. You can distract a baby from one activity by engaging him in another. Most adults act like this also.
3) Paying Attention To Details.
This is key. You can give a young lad an ATM card and he'd just rush to the machine and remember he needs a pin code only when he's about to withdraw money. In my opinion, this is the biggest trait that separate kids from men, the ability to pay attention to details; i) when learning at work or school, ii) when faced with funny issues of life, iii) The big one, when sorting out finances.

Honourable Mention
1) Experience.
For starters, I'm not one who discards experience. I strongly believe inexperience. But somehow I feel if a fellow regardless of age can have a good holding of above mentioned traits, the inexperience wouldn't be so obvious. After all, one thing patience does is that, it makes one looks so wise, just because he was patient in words or action.