Organising a club run

As president of the Zoom-Zoom club, I appreciate members who step up to organise club events. When I look at the social calendar on the club's website, I see a good smattering of colours representing different events from different chapters. Mid-week runs are popular, and members are taking the opportunity to get out in their roadsters in the enjoyable autumn weather.
Even though we have many events on the social calendar, we could always do with more events, and we rely on our members to help organise runs. Organising a club run is straightforward. Many run notes are already available on the club website. All you need is to set a date, grab a set of run notes, and register your event. Anyone can register a club event directly on the club website in the social calendar. The social club captain or club secretary is also to help any member register an event.
Organising a run in your local area has never been easier. So, we need more members to think about whether they might organise a run, and the club has all the support to back you up. It is so easy to do, anyone can do it.

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