Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss was known as "the greatest Formula One driver, never to win the World Championship". His racing career stretched from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, during a period when the great Juan Manuel Fangio, revered as the world's greatest ever driver, dominated the world championship.

Stirling Moss was a four-time runner up in the World Championship, with his best shot to win being in 1958. Though Stirling Moss had won more races than his compatriot, Mike Hawthorn, his defence of Hawthorn against a racing penalty cost Moss the world championship by a single point.

He raced in many different categories during his career, and his performance in the 1955 Mille Miglia road race cemented his legendary status. He was characterised as the "The Most Epic Drive Ever." he completed the 992-mile distance in 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds, at an average speed of 99 mph.

After crashing heavily in his Lotus in 1962, Stirling Moss spent the next month in a coma. He recovered but couldn't compete with the same instinctive command of the car and retired from professional racing.
He became a cult hero for motorsport fans after his retirement, appearing mainly to drive at historic race meetings. He was approachable and acknowledged as one of the true gentlemen of motorsport.

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