Doing my best

As a result of nearly ten years of club motorsport, there are ten different race tracks that I have listed in my records of personal best lap times. My motorsport is not about beating the other drivers but improving on my own personal best lap times each time I go on the track. So, I keep a running record of my personal best lap times, so I can reference back on how I have been going on the race track.

Some of my personal best lap times have changed in many years. For example, I set my best lap time at the Wakefield circuit in New South Wales back in 2013. Unfortunately, it hasn't been bettered because I have only been back to the track once since then and couldn't go faster.

However, I recently sent a new personal best lap time on the long track at  Winton Raceway, as I race at that track up to four times a year. Being familiar with the track and getting lucky with the weather goes a long way to improve your lap times.

The nature of motorsport is that achieving a personal best lap time becomes increasingly more challenging. Though I don't do a new personal best lap time every time I go out on the track, it is a lot of fun trying.

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