Are we there yet?

We are now three weeks into the federal election campaign, with three weeks to go. It is unlikely that my vote will make much difference in this election, as I live in a relatively safe seat, and the incumbent is an odds on bet to retain his seat. I could make a lot of noise about change, but it would make little difference.

Federal elections come around every three years. Far too often for my liking. Just as the parliament settles in to govern, they have to start thinking about the next election, and the merry-go-round keeps going around. This short-term thinking means that federal governments can never focus beyond the next election.

The electioneering is unlikely to change my vote, so I have disengaged from the campaign. I have no time for pork barrelling and slogans, as it just grates with me. So I have avoided any television or online news, stopped reading the newspapers and stayed away from social media.

So, I keep asking myself, are we there yet? I can't wait for the election to be over.