Building Happiness

I run a conglomerate of online media channels. 

In simple terms, I have several social media handles that make content for tailors, fashion designers and sewing enthusiasts. We've built an audience of about ten thousand followers across these channels.

One, in particular, is a memes page, and it's the most fascinating of the channels. When someones stumble upon the handle for the first time. We know we are in for a ride, as they usually go through all the contents and like every single one of them. It is satisfying, and it is also tiring because the notifications never stop.

The most satisfying part of the Sewing Memes page is getting random chats from people appreciating the meme and sharing their laugh with emojis.

A particular fellow from Australia DMed and wouldn't stop chatting with the handler (my partner). They chatted about several things from her collection of vintage sewing equipment, her life story, about Australia, about Nigeria, about career and many others. 

And I wondered how did that come about?

She was happy. The memes page for her is a haven of happiness.

I'm not a huge fan of interruption, but I love those types of interruption.

If my work, business endeavour or random acts could make people happy then I'm happy too.

I hope to achieve more of that as the business takes shape in the coming days.
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