Slow in, fast out

Driving a car fast around any race track takes a little practice, and there are some basic techniques you should keep in mind.

Maintaining car balance is the main principle of fast driving and smooth cornering. Progressive inputs to the brakes, steering and accelerator are required to keep the car balanced at its grip limits. Stomping on the pedals or jerking at the wheel is sure to push you over that limit, the result of which is usually a spin.

When braking, squeeze the pedal gently at first, then harder as the weight transfers to the front wheels. Try and do all your braking in a straight line before you start turning. Maximum braking power occurs when the tyres are gripping, not skidding.

Turn in gently at the start of a corner, let the car settle on to the outside tyres to achieve maximum cornering grip. A famous racers' motto is "Slow In, Fast Out". This means that if you turn in to a corner going too fast, you will quickly run out of room to finish the turn, often resulting in you running off the track. If you sacrifice a little entry speed, you can begin accelerating earlier. The earlier you accelerate coming out of a turn, the more speed you will carry down the following straight.

Acceleration out of a corner should begin somewhere around the corner's apex, not at the end of it. Squeeze on the accelerator gently, transferring the weight progressively to the rear of the car.

You're now through the corner—time to focus on the next one.

The physics here could be applied to all kinds of movement.
2021-02-26 18:21:20

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