Uncomfortable truths about Sheila

A 🔐 Collection
by Sheila. in 27 parts

6,779 words

Getting deeper into self and sit with the hard truths
Speaking and filling silence with lies Making bad judgement when feeling too much I have no confidence of thoughts and being Struggle with interaction with new people What do I want out of life? - Career Alcohol is bad for me I do not know much about marginalized women MY hear hurts this morning Thinking about my dad I talk too much and I become less honest in my expressions Who am I? Rest Retreat I am tired and my mind is foggy Shadow Work Shadow Work Prompt 2: What is an embarrassing memory you have? Why was it embarrassing? Shadow Work - Prompt 3 I am reminded that I have to keep doing the work... and it might be for a long time My Fear and what I can do about them Truths and Lies About Tony and Khalid leaving I am afraid of myself The truth of my shame and unhealthy obsession with Derrick The deceit of myself My Health and Wellness A new phase is opening up Am I Mean? I have not journaled about Writing Retreat