Living with my Mind

A 🔐 Memoir
by Sheila. in 30 parts

280.85% of 4,000 words
11,234 words

A walk through how I move through life
Checking In on Self I am not sure what is on my mind My feelings and thoughts about the Writing Retreat I do not feel a strong sense of ground Controlling self is harder than you can imagine Recounting on Year 2021 and Plans for Year 2022 Moving out and Moving on from Derrick The anxiety of moving out Battling anxiety about the coming days Miss meditation and stillness and conscious reading Managing anxiety in getting everything together My mind is not at ease. The feeling of loneliness ... Acceptance of Raw Truth - Derrick, this is where it all ends.. Processing the heaviness of having hard romantic conversations Where is my story of my desire being met? I want to see Derrick Helplessness is my body's and mind's signal that I am going against a flow A Job to afford me the opportunity to move around the world Preparation for Therapy. I need Focus. Life is an experiment What is hindering me from making my life better? Feelings underneath A night out People living in my house My mind is not friendly to me now Life feels hard but I remain grateful. Nothing is that important and irrelevant My anxiety is on peak Sore Mouth Agony Growing up means being honest