100 200-word character sketches

A 😎 Novella
by Daniel Miller in 75 parts

86.32% of 20,000 words
17,263 words

just what it says on the tin
The Grievance Bearer I ran so far away Lonely Joe Angry Tom Janine the meme Mr. Johnson thinks you've got the wrong man Slim Jimmy Maria Libre Harry Hater Johnny's future royalties Johnny's old agent Johnny's first ex-wife Marge Cat people Johnny's second ex-wife Bob the bartender The maid Bo's Garage Marge's Trip to the Store Bill's Non-Date Date Beanie Bo's Exodus Bo's New Place Jimmy ain't moving Bo's Mercedes From 2007 -- I always liked this one Bo's opinions Bo's commute Treasure's Mom Here's what we know about Joe The dental hygienist Grave Digger Doppelgänger Jeanie Worked at a Social Brand Management Agency Jimmy designed urinal pucks Jeanie and Jimmy Get Coffee The Coffee Shop Down the Street from Urinal Solutions Lee Had a White Van... Brent Jimmy Bean Jeanie Visits Urinal Solutions An absurdist conversation with an imaginary friend Alligators, College, Maps, Ice cream, Nicotine, Old houses, Pictures, Walt Whitman, Trees The Radio Keeps Playing All the Usual (Autobiographical) Trains Elk Taxidermy Peaches Gino George Genevieve Alexander dreams of a life he's ashamed of Little Known Facts About Justin Timberlake That I Just Made Up Jack's Uncle Bob's speech at the event Jim's Garage I Am Bo's Inflamed Sense of Rejection Greta Jim Jack Zander and Bo Miriam and Aaron Devil Gwen Jurij Tima Dan had a high-school girlfriend Moscow Tidings Bob and his truck Billy's Ukrainian Bride Nonlinear Heat Zombies The Artist Influencing Broken On the way to Valentine's Day Baroque Clown