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concert Vienna Amaranthe Beyond The Black pregnant sleep Elize Ryd screen time
As I have written, it was past midnight when I returned home from the concert in Vienna . I quickly ate something, hopped into the shower and was in bed by around 2 am if I remember correctly.

Since I had a day off today, I turned off my alarm and...

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Vienna Wacken Open Air cigar potatoes streaks steps concert Amaranthe Beyond The Black Gandalf The Shire cigarillos pipe snooze Work co-worker hot shower chicken broccoli hike
Another day is over, and I'm looking forward to a concert tomorrow in Vienna . Although I've seen both bands ( Amaranthe and Beyond The Black ) at least two times now, I always saw them as a pre-band or at the Wacken Open Air and never as a headliner...


paramedic coffee sleep vaccination KISS Vienna
On Saturday, I started a 12-hour paramedic shift. As I walked into the standby room, I encountered an emergency doctor I hadn't seen in a while. Right after breakfast, we were called to our first trip, so I couldn't talk much to him, but later on, we got to play...