Google Fonts the GDPR and a Lawyer

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It has been a while since the EU issued the GDPR (General Dara Protection Regulation). Since then, it has gotten way more complicated for web devs to work on websites because there are so many things you have to think about.

Since it is an EU-only regulation, a special agreement was...

Money - Fresh from the Press

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A few minutes ago, I was sitting on the toilet when suddenly an idea struck. I finally had a name for my not-yet created money / financial newsletter .

Without further ado, I introduce:  No, there isn't a landing page yet, nor is there anything other.

The idea struck me,...

January 6th - Hosting Shutdown

paramedic freelance business PHP hosting GDPR
I had my freelance business since about 2014 if I remember correctly. It never made much by way of revenue, but it was always good to have something to write an Invoice.

Back then was building the website of a driving school without much knowledge besides basic PHP. The page is...