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started 2021-01-06 23:04:45
Brain Stopped. Now what?
There may seem like times when your brain just stops. It's got no ideas. There are no fresh connections hanging off the idea tree. 

"But wait. It's a brain, can't I push some buttons or apply some thinking pressure to get this thing started?" you ask.

Funny you should ask.

The trick to...
Be First In Line
Get to Adagia by 1am PDT on a Monday and you're first in line. It's eerily quiet; inviting even.

It's 4pm in the Phillipine's, 6:10 pm on the Gold Coast of Australia, and still 2am for the sound sleepers in Arizona. So, what is everybody's excuse? What time do you write?

That's how much I reduced the noise on Twitter last night before bed. I had to tap unfollow - and then confirm for over 1,400 people. 

That's the how. Here's the why.

It's easy to follow. A single tap, no confirm. I see somebody doing or saying something interesting and I follow....
Challenge. Chaos. Control.
People want more control in their life. It's scary to feel out of control. Ever driven on snow? Ever gotten fired or laid off from a job with bills to pay and no savings? Surprises cause us to sense fear and they can trigger the parts of our brain that...